A Message from the Mayor

WELCOME!  And thank you for visiting the Preston, Idaho website.

We consider the Preston Idaho Community to be “The Last Great Place on Earth”!  Please allow me to explain:

Preston is an agricultural community located on the most northern side of the pristine Cache Valley touting views that can arguably be unmatched.  Cache Valley is also known as “Bridgerland”, which was discovered and explored by the famous American mountain man Jim Bridger nearly 200 years ago.  All throughout the year Preston serves as the primary hub to the most rewarding family outdoor activities found in the upper intermountain west.  These activities include: snowmobiling in Strawberry Canyon, feeding the family at numerous local fast food restaurants before driving 15 minutes to the only ski resort in Cache Valley.  Filling your boat and/or ATV before waterskiing and fishing on the multiple reservoirs, streams and rivers that also include hunting, hiking and camping into the Cache & Caribou National Forests.

From Preston, even on a cloudy day you are able to see the most southern mountains at the end of the valley.  The traffic lights leading south into Wellsville, Utah resemble ant trails traveling into the ant hill as they move south into Sardine Canyon towards the Great Salt Lake Valley.  The view is so clear on summer nights that the serene lights from the Logan Temple can only be trumped by the plethora of celestial stars that watch over the Great City of Preston and the lower end of the Valley.

Not only is our community unique, but so are our hard working citizens with an unemployment rate mirroring the State of Idaho at 2.90% that is considerably less than the national unemployment rate of 3.70%!  This is due in part to diversified light industry and to having a stable and sustainable medical system (which is vital to any growing community) serviced by Franklin County Medical Center, (recently expanded which includes a modern new 15,000 square foot surgical center), that is ranked within the top 100 critical access hospitals within the U.S. and a city that is open to growth and hometown family values.

Preston is geographically situated near the Bear River and is the only drainage in SE Idaho and Northern Utah where whitewater activities are available.

We are proud of Preston’s small town appeal and great aspirations.

Preston is a wonderful place to visit and an absolutely great place to call Home!

Thank you so much for visiting our website and we hope you have the opportunity to visit the “Last Great Place on Earth” in person as well!

 – Dan Keller, Mayor

City Council

Todd D. Thomas

City Tourism and Heritage, Liaison to Planning and Zoning, Liaison to Parks and Recreation, Liaison to SICOG

Terry D. Larson

City Infrastructure, City Impact Area, Liaison to Airport Committee, Liaison to Envision Cache Valley, Liaison to AIC

Allyson Wadsworth

Council President, City Public Relations, Liaison to County Commissioners, City Code Updates, City Beautification

Brent Dodge

City Economic Development, City Comprehensive Plan, Preston Area Chamber of Commerce, City Events, Liaison to Rodeo Committee