Welcome to the city of Preston, Idaho

Name Position
Acock, Linda City Clerk
Balls, John Public Works Director
Cox, Becky Utility Billing Clerk
Dodge, Brent Councilmember
Fellows, Jed Code Enforcement
Fuller, Lyle Attorney
Gailey, Brad Police Officer
Henrie, Randy Building Inspector
Hollingsworth, Keven Parks & Recreation
Hyde, Nick Police Officer
Keller, Dan Mayor
Knudsen, Carter Police Officer
Larson, Terry Councilmember
Macinanti, Jeffrey Police Officer
McCammon, Dan Police Chief
Mickelsen, Kelly City Treasurer
Moser, Sally Police Dept. Administrative Assistant
Nguyen, Tuyen Police Officer
Nicholas, Roger Public Works
Oliverson, Shawn Economic Development Specialist/Assistant Planner
Ransom, Douglas Public Works
Royer, Scott Police Officer
Seamons, Jan Public Works/Foreman
Sharp, Julie Accounts Payable Clerk/Payroll Clerk
Simpson, Tyrell Engineer
Stoker, Cuyler Police Sergeant
Talbot, Gordon Public Works
Thomas, Todd Councilmember
Thomson, Justin Sewer Plant
Wadsworth, Allyson Councilmember
Weeks, Scott Public Works
Wilson, Tyler Police Officer